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Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney At Law

All families are unique, and so are their needs. Sometimes, those needs can be complicated. When it comes to divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, adoption, and other elements of family law, it is essential to consult a knowledgeable family law attorney in Lewiston, ME. Your attorney can help guide you and your family through the best solutions. Attorney Michael L. Dubois is dedicated to serving his community with their family law needs. He understands that conflicts within this area can be sensitive and require special care. It is not always easy for the people involved to reach agreeable resolutions on their own. Often, the assistance of a professional attorney is required to mediate and advise on the right legal approach.

When a couple chooses to divorce, it is not a simple process. Often, children are involved, and decisions toward their well-being are a driving factor in these cases. Child custody and child support issues are an integral part of divorce proceedings. Children are usually caught in the middle of disputes, which creates an unfavorable situation. Having a child custody or child support plan in place is essential. A plan will establish an amicable settlement between couples if done correctly. Your family law attorney in Lewiston, ME, can assist your family with a plan that can provide a viable solution.

Family matters can be extremely stressful and challenging. These types of cases are never easy for those involved. Emotions can run high during a divorce. Financial instability can also occur due to unknown circumstances, such as living arrangements, property distribution, and money allocation. Family conflicts that involve money can have bitter results. Not knowing how to handle the financial aspect of a family feud can lead to years of unresolved conflict. If not adequately resolved, these cases can introduce a whole new set of disputes during settlement, mediation, or court. An experienced family law attorney in Lewiston, ME, should be consulted.

Cases that involve finances can also apply to alimony or spousal maintenance. Often, alimony or spousal support is resolved in court. Couples may find it challenging to come to an agreement on their own on whether alimony should be allocated without the interference of a judge. It can also be complicated to determine an appropriate spousal maintenance amount without proper guidance. Several factors go into figuring out an adequate amount for alimony, such as the supporting spouse’s income, the length in marriage, the couple’s standard of living, and the length of time in need of spousal support. Taking this action to court requires the skills of a savvy attorney who can fight for your needs.

Full-Service Family Law Firm In Lewiston:

Whether you are anticipating the joys of adoption or experiencing the frustrations of marital conflict, Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law can help. Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law has served families in Lewiston for over 35 years. Our law firm provides legal services in all areas of family law.


Attorney Michael L. Dubois assists families with all aspects of international and domestic adoptions. Our firm handles the legalities of your adoption so that you can concentrate on your new family member.


Divorce should not lead to financial crisis. Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law helps you establish an equitable amount of spousal support.

Child Custody And Visitation:

Our divorce firm protects your parental rights to raise your children in an appropriate and supportive home.

Child Support:

Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law can ensure that you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy, happy environment.

Child Support Modification And Enforcement:

Child support payments do not change unless the court modifies the child support order. If either the custodial or the noncustodial parent experiences a significant change in circumstances, the firm can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your child support payments accordingly.

Juvenile Delinquency And Dependency Proceedings:

Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law is skilled at maneuvering through the complex laws of Maine to protect your parental rights from the interference of government authorities.


Mediation puts the decisions in your hands, and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than a trial. Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law can help you obtain the most equitable divorce settlement.

Pre And Post-Nuptial Agreements:

Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law expects the unexpected and drafts premarital agreements that protect both spouses’ interests and that can alleviate some of the stress should you ever divorce.

It is wise to seek the knowledge and resources of a family law attorney in Lewiston, ME, to safeguard that you and your family receive expert legal help. A family law attorney, such as Attorney Michael L. Dubois, can ensure that your legal rights are protected and met. Family law can be complex; however, having the right attorney on your side can make all the difference in a family law case.

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