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Lewiston Attorney with More Than 25 Years of Legal Experience

Maine law firm can help you overcome family law issues, receive compensation for personal injury and deal with delicate probate proceedings
Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law has 25 years of experience dealing with often-delicate matters. The firm handles family law, probate and personal injury and is located in Lewiston, Maine.

Attorney Michael L. Dubois handles a variety of legal matters, including:

  •     Personal injury
  •     Automobile accidents
  •     Boating accidents
  •     Motorcycle accidents
  •     Medical malpractice
  •     Product liability
  •     Premises liability
  •     Wrongful death
  •     Brain injury
  •     Bus accidents
  •     Catastrophic injury
  •     Head injury
  •     Criminal law
  •     Arson
  •     Assault
  •     Reckless endangerment
  •     Harassment
  •     Stalking
  •     Bench warrants
  •     Bribery
  •     Burglary and robbery
  •     Computer crimes
  •     Domestic violence
  •     Drug crimes
  •     DUI and OUI
  •     Falsification of business records
  •     Insurance fraud
  •     Healthcare fraud
  •     Kidnapping and custodial interference
  •     Sexual Misconduct
  •    Forcible touching
  •     Rape
  •     Sodomy
  •     Petit larceny
  •     Grand larceny
  •     Criminal possession of stolen goods
  •     Money laundering and embezzlement
  •     Traffic offenses
  •     Violent offenses
  •     Weapons charges
  •     Misdemeanors
  •     Felony offenses
  •     Expungement
  •     White collar crime
  •     Family law
  •     Divorce
  •     Matrimonial law
  •     Adoption
  •     Child custody
  •     Child support
  •     Visitation rights
  •     Alimony
  •     Annulment
  •     Collaborative family law
  •     Equitable distribution
  •     Family mediation
  •     Child care
  •     Mediation
  •     Estate planning
  •     Probate

Getting what you deserve during divorce proceedings
Without the proper legal guidance, you can lose out during divorce proceedings. Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law can help you get your fair share in court. The firm also deals with child custody, support issues, parental rights and responsibiliites and mediation. Contact a family law firm you can trust today and start a new chapter in your life with everything you deserve.

If you have been injured, our firm fights for your rights
You do not have to be victimized twice. If you have been injured, Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law can fight for you. Our firm represents clients in mediation and court proceedings and looks out for your interests. If negotiations do not live up to your expectations, Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law is prepared to go to trial and stand up for you.

Probate in Androscoggin County
The last wishes of a loved one are very important. Our firm can see you through the difficult and delicate probate process and inform you every step of the way. We deal with all aspects of probate and are knowledgeable about the complexities of probate law. You owe it to your loved one to contact a skilled probate lawyer.

Contact a law firm you can trust in Lewiston, Maine
Contact Michael L. Dubois, P.A. Attorney at Law in Lewiston, Maine today. Call (888) 920-2167 or contact the firm online to schedule an appointment. Attorney Michael L. Dubois has 25 years of legal experience.

Attorney Michael L. Dubois serves clients in Lewiston, Auburn and surrounding
communities in Androscoggin, Cumberland, Oxford and Kennebec Counties.